Walking in the snow

I felt cooped up a bit so went out for a walk in the snow. It wasn’t as cold as it looks. Infact, the snow was turning to slush in spots and right beneath it where patches had melted, the grass was still green.

In years past, my desire for fitness would go on hiatus in winter but today I realized that I could enjoy the outdoors even in snow. I shall reserve hibernation for the days when windchill is dangerous.

Also today, I got brave enough to look up, ” colorectal cancer recurrance symptoms”. I don’t think I have any but its a topic that is taboo. Nobody will talk to me about it, not even my doctors, not even the oncologist. They all think I’m cured. Maybe I am.

I find it ironic that they dare to think so without all their tests. Usually the profession won’t say for certain without thousands of dollars worth of testing.

I keep wondering about how I will take it if for some reason I do get sick again. I guess I’d fight….nothing else a person can do.

So today, I walked for 10 minutes.
I ate well, though I’m trying to switch my focus to vegetables rather than fruit.
I recorded a dream which means I had one.
Some crochet- my arms hurt too much today.

Felt stifled and very tired overall. No meditation. Pain at level 8 most of the day.