I spent most of my post surgery recovery watching documentaries on Netflix. Eventually I watched every known food and health related ones- from farming to obesity. I think I’ve watched them all.

Tonight, I made my husband watch “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. It was my second viewing and while the film isn’t a classic, it’s got a special something….it shows the truth. Real people. Real obesity. Real denial and depression.

The host, Joe Cross, travels across the U.S while on a juice fast for 60 days. He’s overweight and has a chronic autoimmune skin condition which requires steroids. His goal is to lose weight and get off of meds.
Along the way, he attempts to help people he meets, successfully in two cases. I think the film can be viewed on his website for free.

I needed my husband to learn about this because he’s all for making me healthy, yet every morning, I ask, ” Would you like a smoothie?”, and he always says, “No, I have coffee.”

Twice I made him have one anyway. He liked the first but hated the second.

I try to focus on green smoothies, sometimes using kale and other times using a spirulina powder along with frozen fruit.

Anyhow, watching this movie with him turned out to be the right thing to get him a little more interested in his own health.

The movie focuses on juice fasting and while I juice now and then I have turned to smoothies for a few reasons.
I abhor cleaning juicers. I need alot of fiber right now which juices lack. And it takes alot of vegetables and fruits to get enough juice. We don’t always have enough on hand.

I try to make around a quart of any given smoothie a day and keep it on hand refridgerated. This way, when I forget to eat lunch, I at least have this.

While I do need to take care of my health, the topic of alternative nutrition used to be my hobby. While on chemotherapy, I wasn’t allowed to eat superfoods so the hobby fell away and I forgot about it. I alo felt very dissillusioned that I had colon cancer despite taking pretty good care with my diet. I got over that. It’s nice to have the hobby back.

Yesterday, we went to dinner with friends ( fish fry of course). I am trying to build some sort of social life up here.

10 minute hobbe, walk, crawl.
Peanut butter, orange,banana flaxseed smoothie ( a whole orange)
Salad twice
Kale,aloe,spirulina, flax smoothie( we need to go get groceries!)
Some knitting
Chanting throughout the day.

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  1. The joys of sharing a diet with a partner. 😉

    I think it eventually seeps through, even if they won’t join you for smoothies every morning. My husband eventually gave up a lot of carbs he was eating, even if he still eats more than me. We have this discussion where he says part of the problem is treating everyone the same. And I guess I see that.

    If a guy works hard labour every day, he may need a few extra carbs. Yet the guidelines tend to set out what is an average. If you stop eating what you need, you’ll get hungrier and over eat next time.

    Coffee is another matter though, lol, I’m still encouraging David to cut back, even though he’ll probably never quit. He tends to recognise when he’s drinking too much coffee after he gets a few nights bad sleep. Sometimes I think it’s enough to make suggestions, and they connect the dots themselves.

    I love the sound of your peanut butter smoothie. 🙂

    1. Chris, I find that Garry will always prefer more meat than carbs if he has worked hard. He loves his bread and butter at dinner and breakfast but if I don’t serve it he doesn’t really complain as I would. I think its because he just doesn’t think about it at all so it doesn’t occur to him that anything is missing as long as he doesn’t feel hungry. I wish I was like that! LOL!

      I wouldn’t want to be around Garry if he stopped coffee and you wouldn’t want to be around me if I did. I had quite it before surgery since it gave me a stomach ache but I am so tired now that I use it as a medicine in the morning.

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