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I have never seen “green eye” in a camera before. Weird.

A friend on f.b. who I would say was the original “conspiracy theorist” was very upset over the 2012 ers. He thought it should be obvious to one and all that it wasn’t going to happen. I thought it was weird of him. But since I agreed, I didn’t speak up.

A couple of years ago though, his wife bought 500 lbs of black beans and the same of rice because he told her the economy was going to tank and it did. But he ridiculed her for the purchase and she tried to give it to me but I refused it because then if something did happen, she and her family would come looking for me anyway….so might as well keep it for themselves.

Anyhow, on December 22, my friend posted a list under the heading “garage sale”. things like “5000 cans of tuna”. I jokingly said, “Oh, I’ll take the camping stove if you are really not joking.” I guess sarcasm doesn’t come through in writing so humor doesn’t either unless followed by this: 🙂 or 😉 or a series of both or “lol”.

He replied, “What do you think?” Obviously.…..But not because of this gentleman being morally or intellectually superior to me. No way. We are just about equal, right down to the snobbery. Its because:

Anybody with the mind to buy 5000 cans of tuna because of the idea of 2012 isn’t actually going to have a garage sale and get rid of the stuff. They are going to wait for the spaceships to land on another day. Or the economy to tank. Or joblessness.   That is why I knew he was joking.

But then, I posted a comment about 2012, all my idea and he shared it with the title, “from a mayan elder”. Uh, hmm……

I let it stand.




4 thoughts on “Don’t be stupid

  1. I’m totally not up with things. What are the 2012ers? My guess is people who thought the world was going to end. I guess survival in a world gone mad is just not that important to me, but then I have the philosophy that we all have to die sometime so why not get it over with.
    I hate using smiley faces but when you have a dry sense of humor you pretty much have to use something to let people know you’re kidding.

    1. Linda, I made up the term but you got the meaning just right. Not sure what else to call them.
      I tend to agree with you about dying unless it’s because of somebody else’s mistake….like a politicians…or somebody lses decision.. That just makes me belligerent and want to live forever and ever.

  2. I’m glad the day came and went without any dramas. I personally avoided noting the actual “date” but read on various blogs about 2012 being the year the world was destined to end. I knew it was sometime in December but avoided the actual day.

    I think David even told me the date once, but I said “don’t tell me that, I don’t want to know.” I figured if if it all ends on a day I’d rather be going about my business, lol. David reminded me again when the day passed, and I was not surprised he got to tell me that.

    I’m not superstitious, but I can ride a hype if enough people are touting it. I still don’t believe the actual thing being hyped about, but I can still stress that everyone else is stressing. So that’s why I tend to avoid “knowing” details and return to my little world of small interests. I’m glad the whole world got to say, told you so, lol.

    I’m sure John Michael Greer from The Archdruid Report knew it was destined to fail. 😉

    1. Hi Chris
      I initially ignored it but then my kids and their friends were frightened. This was a few years ago, when the hype first started. Anyhow, looked into it in order to calm my children’s fears.

      I believe what it says in the Bible…the time for the end is unknowable.
      Yet I do believe too that the Mayan concept of cycles is also spiritually correct.
      Looking past the hype to the truth as been interesting.

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