Recent Dreams




Two nights ago, I dreamed that there were widespread earthquakes in California.I was there in the dream, roaming the San Bruno mountains on a cold sunny day with high winds. I didn’t feel the quakes but knew that they were happening.

Then last night I had a nightmare. I was in a large city and people were sick. I was in a building which as appeared in dreams of zombies before. These people though just had the flu. Except that some started biting others. Not zombies…still human…but very very sick.

I left the building with a blond woman. We decided to jog despite having flu. I said, ” I had to get away from them.”She agreed saying that nobody knew what would happen to biters. I then said, “Plus, they made me lose my focus. This jog will help me get it back.” we both ran off nodding at each others comments.

Why was this a nightmare? I woke up in a cold sweat telling myself that there was nothing really scary but it took me awhile to believe it.