Sunny in West Prairie

I didn’t go outside but it was nice to finally come out of the pattern of overcast skies and fog straight into sunshine. We seem to have gotten one snow storm after another followed by rain or ice for awhile. That too makes me happy on one level because this might help us come out of a drought, but I always miss the sun.

Garry has started seeds. I must take a picture of the shelf he turned into a mini greenhouse. I have no idea what he started all up but he certainly was excited about it. Good:)

He’s also quit drinking and smoking a few days ago and doing well I must say.
As for me….I am busy telling the kids about AlAnon while avoiding attending a meeting myself. The meetings are good but I end up getting choked up and I hate crying in public among strangers! It’s downright mortifying to me!!!

I have only been to a couple of these meetings really. One time I took a friend who was a natural born drama queen. She wore her mink coat. And she cried and cried. That was good because it made her human to others. You’d all be surprised at how off putting a mink coat is socially in the Midwest. Not talking about animal rights here either.
Anywy, she was fine with crying and somebody touched her hand to comfort her. It was nice to watch, nice to see her feel cared for. But I just can’t let go like that.

Not sure how meetings help but I do know people do heal as a result so that makes me happy for them.

2 thoughts on “Sunny in West Prairie

  1. I’m a bawler too, if someone exposes themselves in such a humble way. I bawl at funerals and bawl at people who tell me about their significant funneral events. All the while, I have to apologise profusely for not being able to control myself.

    Yet I’m not so romantic that I can cry at chick-flicks. Totally different thing. I don’t get the gooey sentiment in some romantic movies.

    Good on Garry for attempting to confront those addictions though. And to his family for what must be a challenging time too. I’ve never been to an AlAnon meeting, but it makes sense to be able to deal with the whole person, and not just deal with getting rid of the addiction. It must feel good to get some issues out into the open, amongst a group of people who would understand.

    I hope it leads to more positive developments. 🙂

    1. Hi Chris
      I actually am fine if I don’t have to talk and God forbid if somebody feels sympathy for me if I do talk! It’s funny but as long as those two things don’t happen, I’m fine. Also, none of the above in a Cathederal! Lol!
      Al Anon teaches to seperate the person from the disease regardless of whether they quit drinking or doing other drugs. There’s more to it but I think that part is important, because somewhere beneath that monster is a dad or a mom or husband/ wife who is imprisoned and takes prisoners too. It’s hard to remember.

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