Happiness is…..knitting

neck warmer with flower
neck warmer with flower

Its relaxing to work with very nice quality wools or other natural fibers. I spin as some of you know. On a spindle. And I crochet too. But knitting is the one thing that I find I have enough mastery over that I don’t sweat the small or large challenges that might arise.

The above neck warmer was knit with Noro sock yarn (found on clearance at the local yarn shop). The body of the warmer is my own design and the flower comes from a book that I have on knitting and crocheting flowers. I will update with a title upon demand since the book is upstairs and I don’t want to go up stairs right now.

The body of the warmer is knit in a tube on circular needle, size 5 U.S.


caste on an even number of stitches to desired width of neck warmer.

Knit several rows for seam

rows1-5: knit 2 purl 2 across

rows -6-10- purl 2 knit 2 across

10-15 knit 2 purl 2

15-20 knit across.

Repeat until 2/3rds of desired length and then decrease knit 1, knit 2 together across

knit in pattern for another sequence of rows and do another decrease. Knit in pattern to 10 rows before desired length then divide stitches in half as precisely as you can. You need to add a button hole on each side of the neck warmer.  Knit five more rows in pattern. Bind off

turn inside out and sew up the wider seam.

Turn back to right side and sew up button hole.

Okay, thats it. I will answer questions but writing patterns does not make me happy. I design a lot of my own knitting but they tend to be one of a kind because of this lack of interest in pattern writing. Sorry.

4 thoughts on “Happiness is…..knitting

  1. You always have such lovely projects coming off the needles. I agree that the quality of the wool, makes all the difference to how much you enjoy making the project. There’s something very nurturing about a soft yarn clicking on the needles. Those harsh acrylics, or scratchy pure wools aren’t as nice to knit with.

    I think it looks lovely, and looks a lot like cable stitch. After reading the pattern though, it doesn’t seem to be. I’ve never done a cable stitch in my life, but know it requires multiple needles, not just a circular pair. Cable stitch intimidates me, lol.

    Is there any stitch which is your least favourite, that you will avoid it like the plague?

    1. Thanks Chris!
      In the interest of budget I tried acrylic recently. Molly ended up with two blankets as a result. I just couldn’t stand the lack of body each project had. And yes, bad on the hands!Molly feels very special though;)

      Cable stitches are actually very easy. You just need a cable needle or double pointed needle plus your circular or straight needles. Infact, a friend of mine uses a pencil sharpened at both ends since the pencil is the same as the needle size she prefers too. Alot of things can work. Not sure if I can photograph it but Garry could while I knit a cable. Would you like an example? I would not mind.

      I abhor purl stith. Period! Thats why I do so much circular knitting! but it’s unavoidable sometimes. I am trying to tolerate it. Right now I am working on a shawl that will require purl every other row. I think I lost my mind;) And I would like to do more lace knitting but find charts hard to follow so avoid those if tneir complicted too. Ah well…how about you?

      1. Something seriously unnerves me about cable stitch. Give me two knitting needles and I’m fine – give me four and I’m like “wuah”? I’ve never even attempted to try it, though I’ve heard it’s easy, lol.

        But of the stitches I do know, I’m not a big fan of the knit 1, purl 1. One of my favourite knitted shrugs is of the same stitching ilk. It’s because I love the shrug so much, that I persist, lol. 😉

  2. Well Chris, there is no law that says you every have to knit a cable stitch but there are videos online that don’t use extra needles. You just transfer stitches from needle to needle in such a way that it creates a cable. I didn’t get it myself but you might like it.
    I agree about knit 1 purl 1 in sequence too. It slows me down a lot and it can hurt my hands at times to make that quick of a switch so the project had better be worth it!

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