Happiness is…..sweet people

Awhile back, I sold some peppermint herb to the local herbal guild for a store credit. I hadn’t been able to make my way over there to collect until earlier today. They had opened a very nice tea shop where people could go consult with herbalists and buy supplies.

The store is located in an older building that had been subdivided into several stores. One of the shops is a second hand/vintage clothing store owned by a young woman who also moved here from Illinois around the same time I did. We had spoken before but as I don’t get out much no friendship was formed though I though she was very nice.

I walked into the herb shop to find the above mentioned lady reading a Tarot spread for another woman I had been trying to track down regarding Chinese Herbal information. They both greeted me warmly, handed me a cup of tea and sat me down while they finished the reading.

I minded my own business pretty much then browsed and was not able to find what I was looking for so sat down. I was then asked if I would like my cards read. Sure, why not? I said a silent prayer that I would not be made to cry.

As the lady from Illinois spoke about my spread I was reminded of my grannie again. Everything in the cards held promise of a bright future. There were things in there that were real-money issues, the struggles we face and the fact that I doubt my intuition. Also that I am not satisfied with what I do have. Thats true. And mostly, “stop being alone so much!” She foresaw lots of success coming my way though-thats the granny part. But…..

Trust issues people. That is what came out of it all. And it came out matter of factly rather than in emotional outburst thank God! Lol!

I was invited to come back to visit them. I will. I promise.

2 thoughts on “Happiness is…..sweet people

  1. It’s different when you hear someone else say it. Kind of makes it real. You may have suspected it inwardly for quite a while, but brushed it aside to get on with things. I know I did.

    For years, ‘trust’ came up via different people and situations, but I stuck with my natural instincts of self-preservation. Because if I thought I really did have trust issues, that would make me vulnerable. To trust was a signal of weakness, so I never voluntarily looked at it objectively.

    Like your own personal Groundhod Day though, the same situations keep apperaing for you to deal with. Trust, trust, TRUST! Eventually it makes more sense to deal with it, than simply brush it aside, lol.

    Of course my strategy to deal with ‘trust’, came by believing in the big guy. He kinda put me in the right places and gave me the right prompts. I started to listen a little more until I could see trust wasn’t such a scary deal, when you actually understood what it meant – but more importantly, what it didn’t mean. Trust is strength, not weakness. 🙂

    1. Chris, I thought I replied to this???? HMM, losing my noggin.
      Trust is something I lost for sure in the last few months. I don’t think I was particularly trusting in the first place but now, I pretty much don’t have it at all. I am working on regaining it for myself-and with God who right now I don’t trust at all but that is another story as you know. I don’t really want to expend the energy on the inevitable disappointment at this time which makes me a humbug pessimist.

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