My Nemesis the Rigid Heddle Loom

I got a Rigid Heddle loom for my birthday two years ago and could not for the life of me warp the stupid thing. I say “stupid thing” when in fact it is I who was stupid or at least was made to feel stupid by letting it defeat me. (I say this with great humor:)

I then got sick and let the loom collect dust, cursing it every time I laid eyes on it. But over the summer, I met a weaver at an art fair who told me that everybody who ever touches a loom for the first time cries and feels stupid. Seems I am just normal.

And a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I would either master it or sell the thing. I am trying to not allow dust collectors to stay in this very dusty house anymore. Slowly culling stuff as my health allows.

But of course, since I threatened it with an ultimatum, it actually worked in my favor. With Garry’s help, I warped it at long last!DSCF8164And then I gathered as many of my thread and yarn scraps and even felting fiber odds and ends to learn to actually weave with. A plain weave this time.


I think its going to be a wall hanging or a banner for the porch in summer. I am not sure. I am looking into the concept of Saori weaving (have been for awhile actually) so I am not really worried so much about pattern as I am about color harmony.

And that is my happiness activity for today. I am content that I made friends with this loom after all.

2 thoughts on “My Nemesis the Rigid Heddle Loom

  1. Looks intruiging! Requires much patience I imagine. I’m glad you made friends with the loom in the end. It’s nice whe you can actually put your ideas into practice. 🙂

    1. Hi Chris, I think that the patience is about warping the loom. I haven’t had an issue with doing the actual weaving but then I haven’t been doing much of it in general. Its nice to have the skill but still not sure if I want to keep it to liquidate:)

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