Its a painting but thanks for the laugh

Let me present the evidence. A copy of a painting. A classical painting by a classical artist-Titian to be exact. Clicking on the image will take you to the source (Or it should).
N-T0001-182-adam-and-eveAnd because its a painting I think we can agree that in a court of law and even in a science lab or just for kicks, we don’t really have to believe that the subject is real or at least accurate-we infact shouldn’t go there at all.  Its not like a photograph- as in photojournalism and was not painted in real time. 

I am not saying that Adam and Eve are a myth here or that they are not-that isn’t my point at all.

So lets jump to a recent post on Facebook. Somebody put this on my wall with an arrow pointing to the models belly buttons. I won’t say to “Adam and Eves” belly buttons because the subjects are not actually A and E. They are models. And the post went on to say something like, “Adam and Eve have belly buttons. Think about it!”

I wanted to say, “Its not exactly a photograph so what is your point idiot?” but I don’t do internet warfare. And I thought it was funny because it was supposed to prove beyond a doubt that the biblical Adam and Eve had parents since they had belly buttons in the painting and have belly buttons in all paintings as far as I know.

In the end I laughed. It was just too stupid for anything but laughter. Maybe it was even a joke to begin with. Several hundred “likes” made the comment a fact though, right? LOL!

4 thoughts on “Its a painting but thanks for the laugh

  1. And they have insight into modesty before they ate the apple. Strange? Plus, all verbal accounts given of Adam’s whereabouts, puts him nowhere near the crime scene on the day Eve stole the apple. Even stranger…?

    As you say, it’s a representation of an image, not an actual photo shoot for a crime lab. They covered their modesty, as they gave them navels. It’s all about what the human eye represents as an “image” of something. It’s a classical painting.

    I often don’t get the meme’s on FB though. They’re meant to be funny, but my brain is too logical to get the humour. My brain kills many jokes others find funny, lol.

    1. Chris, like you, I sometimes miss the point of funny memes…but I don’t think it’s always our fault. Some things are just not that funny.
      This was shared by a really smart friend but was sent out by an atheist group…so they are making fun of believers yet their evidence is just as silly as their accusation. Ah well….
      Where was Adam anyway? Lol? believe it or not, I always thought he was off taking a nap. Lol!

  2. I don’t know why it bothers me so much but I get seriously upset when I hear people really believe our myths are truth. My friend recently told me she believes in creationism and I find I’ve lost a lot of respect for her. Ah well…

    1. Hi Linda,
      It’s bothersome to me as well. Creationism is a hard one to swallow. I’m surrounded by people who deny anything but that ” theory” and I often think their just pulling my leg but they aren’t. One can strive towards being a good Christian and yet be realistic too.

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