Medical Charity

Last month, one hospital forgave nearly all of my 50,000 debt and gave me in house insurance for the next year at a rate of 97.5 -my discount. They also gave me half off of doctors visits. This leaves me   with around 1000 to pay for services rendered for doctors visits.

I still had the 250,500 bill from the other hospital, a 1600 dollar ambulance bill and my chemo pump rental bill plus upcoming visits for  follow ups to worry about. This kind of debt feels terrible.No amount of positive thinking made it better.


But two days ago, I got a letter from this hospital forgiving my entire debt! 250,500 wiped out through the generosity of their financial aid board. I nearly fainted with relief.

The trick for those out there who are uninsured in America, is to find hospitals that are not for profits. These entities are required to provide financial aid up to 100 percent off based on need.

I was very worried that they would reject me because our Amish friends were asked to pay 30,000 of a 80,000 bill and they made 10,000 last year…8,000 less than us. But we have the paper trail to prove it and they don’t I suppose.

I feel so much better! Lighter. And am so grateful for this gift!


2 thoughts on “Medical Charity

  1. What a wonderful blessing, and doesn’t it rekindle faith in the human race – that they can be charitable to those who really need it. I’m so happy for you today. That’s just the best news ever!!

    I’d be tempted to frame that letter or tuck it away somewhere special. So that you can get it out to remind yourself, during those hard days, how special it is to receive a truly precious gift of charity. 🙂

    1. Hi Chris
      I do feel very blessed especially since so much had been going wrong around here. But shortly after your email to me, things started to go right again…practical things I mean. I will sit and write to you very soon to explain;)
      We are saving this letter for sure though displaying it didn’t occur to me. I read it originally as a friend was telling Garry about is wife’s medical bill woes…..I am very trully blessed.

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