Happiness is watching the future unfold….

Part of my lack of  blog time lately is because I am researching for a business plan. I was given a business planner by the Department of Rehabilitation and she is amazing but it’s my dream so I have to put in elbow grease regardless.

This has been very good because in the process of researching, I have actually landed one major client and possibly a second client that is in Chicago. Infact, if I land that client, I would try for two more leads and  that would just about  cover my need for contract farming.

Another great thing about business planning is the evolution that my herbal business underwent out of neccessity. I wanted to just grow Chinese  herbs but most of these take a few years to harvest. I had to diversify.

And that’s how I came to recognize myself as an herbalist at long last- no more denying it. Yesterday, I spent time with a woman who is an herbalist and permaculture designer. She made me see that I was not a novice. That I had my own style as an herbalist.and that others are afraid to offer products at first too…yes, I was/will be afraid! It’s normal! But it’s a part of my  identity that needs recognition.

My iPad is acting quirky and I feel that I’m speaking in shorthand here as a result…my official business name is Prairie Rose Asian Herbs btw….website will launch eventually:)

I have more to tell…..much more!