Water Every Where

In the last couple of weeks, the issue of water has been at the forefront of the information that jumps out at me. Its kind of an odd thing actually. One thing led to another and next thing I know, its worth putting things together.

Two weeks ago, a local email group sent out the message that there is a Mississippi River Water Walk going on. A group of Native American women were starting at the headwaters of the great river and going by foot to the Gulf of Mexico. Could we help them out when they are in the area? The women are carrying a GPS with them so their whereabouts can be tracked on most days via Facebook. I know, I know. Most of us hate F.B. most of the time but its a good medium for events like this.

The F.B. page posted a link to a radio interview with members of this group which can be found here. Its quite interesting.

Then  a few days later I found myself in my doctors office (another story) and she was telling me how her dads an engineer and she wouldn’t be here next week because she is going to Guatemala with him to help set up safe drinking water.

The main thing is that there is something in all of this that made me feel different about myself. My heart moved for the walkers and I really want to go out there and meet them with some fruit for their journey (or something else, not sure what) and perhaps hobble along for a short walk myself. Perhaps next year, I can be well enough to join the on a longer journey. Who knows.

Please pass this information around because even though the walk I speak of is exclusive to the Mississippi, this river spills out to the Gulf of Mexico and the water moves from there to beyond.  There are walkers all over the world from what I have understood so far, some are indigenous others are not, it doesn’t matter. Its a one world issue.

Also on F.B. Sister Mississippi Textile and Art Project

An article in The Indian Country website
And Mother Earth Water Walk (here)

Empty Glass here

I am happy to share this information with you all:)

2 thoughts on “Water Every Where

  1. That sounds like a wonderful initiative, even if it’s just to remind everyone they’re connected to the flow of the water. I’m sure they’d appreciate some fresh fruit as they’re burning up all those calories. 🙂

    The comments closed on your former post, so I didn’t get a chance to congratulate you on your home business endeavours. That must be an exciting development. It’s worth every ounce of effort, pursuing something that you love to do. It’s still a lot of work, but then you can always keep plugging at it, little by little.

    Like every footstep those walkers will take down the Mississippi River, you are always that one step closer to your home business, with every step you take too. No wonder you felt moved to join in. It’s the spirit of trying, giving and rewarding for an effort that may not mean much at first glance, but afterwards, amounts to a whole lot!

    1. Hi Chris
      Yes, its an amazing thing to be doing. They consider this their own personal spiritual responsibility but also hope to raise awareness at the same time.
      I ended up missing them when they came near here. I had my head in a tail spin with doctors appointments and didn’t believe they would arrive on schedule so tuned out for a minute and they were gone!

      I will be making them a piece of fiber art to go on their banner instead and doing what I can during the year to help them for next years trek.

      Oh the home business. I can only say “ouch” right now. I will explain later:)

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