The My daughters boyfriend bought me a ball of yarn for Christmas along with a set of buttons and some beading supplies. I thought that was pretty sweet of him.


I decided that the type of yarn he bought would be excellent for cables and found a pattern for mittens ( I will have to try to find out who designed these and give credit. I just have forgotten at the moment). With the leftover yarn, I made another neck warmer (my own concoction) where I was able to use the buttons he gave to me. I liked the whole process and the yard was perfect for the project but I always mess up the “other” hand when knitting gloves or mittens.


It does not matter that I am following direction. Somehow, my mind goes dyslexic when I get to match which of course does not match. Subtle difference this time.

So anyway, I have decided to go ahead and knit some more cables-this time a jacket that I am designing using the Knitting for Anarchists method. Will talk about some other time.

Otherwise, I am happy because it suddenly got warmer outside for the last two days. Infact it was nearly 40 degrees Farenheit! I was outside and did some cleanup on my herb garden-something I was too ill to do back in the fall and still have to pace myself to get done even now.

In the meantime, I am still trying to solve the pain mystery along with revving up for another colonoscopy next Friday which isn’t worrying me so much but is making me a little emotional. That is-I am not worried about being probed under conscious sedation at all, but I am worried regarding what they might find because I still do not feel well…….sigh



3 thoughts on “Knitting

  1. A very thoughtful gift, and put to good use too. We all have our little quirks with knitting. We work them out in the end, lol. I love the colour, and the projects are very beautiful.

    1. Hi Chris
      He’s a very sweet young man in general. Hand wear is my nemesis. I once knit opera length gloves for Jasmine….and just when I finished I realized I had knit two right hands! Lol! Naturally I gave up and frogged tne project.

  2. OMG! How deflating, and realising right at the very end too. Somehow we always return to the needles though. Good on you for giving it a second go with hand wear!

    Always lovely to read of young men with thoughtful dispositions too. 🙂

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