What we need to be “dressed”

Because I am prepping for a terrible test, I have not eaten in 24 hours and am drinking some awful liquid , I am trying to occupy my mind with silly notions.
I am going to go shower soon and once dried off, I will need a pair of underpants and a bra.
Then, I will put on a pair of yoga pants since I am aiming for comfort today. And a tshirt.
Over this will go a sweater because it looks like we are entering the Ice Age in our area despite it being mid April.
A pair of socks.
A hat.
Maybe a neck warmer if my hair is very wet.

A coat and boots.

What comes off when indoors? The coat and boots. Maybe the sweater if I have long sleeves on beneath. But slippers come on. And at night, a pair of pajamas or a nightgown. Maybe a robe.

Summer is different. I usually forgo a bra and put on a sundress and sandals. A Sunhat too. Done.

My purpose here is not to state the obvious. I was wondering yet again what it would take to cloth oneself if one made it all by hand. Knit, sew, weave, crochet and felt. Also recycle and alter old clothes into new ideas.
Not shoes though I desperately would like to learn how to do that. But at least slippers?

Thats a great deal of ownership of clothing just for one day in winter isn’t it?

But how or why?

I mentioned before that one of my favorite projects out in the stratosphere was the Fibershed project. Its all about locally producing clothing using local resources.

I have kept an eye open for local enterprises that might help a person produce clothing based on local resources only but the only mill in town (used to process yarn) went out of business last summer. Its not feasible around  here unless one went the artisan route or produced using whatever was available around in used format-thrift stores for example to make things. We have plenty of local yarn and local dyes would be easy enough with planning.

Anyhow, I’ve mulled this over a lot. Is it feasible? Some say that nobody produces zippers locally. Tell that to Amish. They don’t use zippers. No need. I think its feasible because the Amish make it so. I think they don’t own as much clothing as we do-maybe two work outfits, one Sunday best outfit and under things. Not sure where they buy their denims but I do see them buying fabric at Walmart for quilts. Ah well.


4 thoughts on “What we need to be “dressed”

  1. I hope your test went well for you. 🙂 It makes sense to plan what you’re going to wear in advance. Dresses are rarely suitable, I find!

    About zippers – if I’m ever throwing away a garment that is too shabby to donate to charity, I always make sure I remove the zipper and buttons. Why waste a perfectly good asset in landfill, when it’s generally only the material which has eroded beyond repair? I also remove draw-strings from waist bands, as they can be so handy when making library bags or anything which basically requires a draw-string.

    I was actually going to throw away a night-dress which was starting to fray at the neckline – not really worth repairing as some of the fabric is starting to wear thin. Then I realised I could probably cut it down for Sarah to use as a night dress. It was the panda bears on the front which gave me the idea – as she always stopped to admire them whenever I wore it, lol.

    Good luck on your search.

    1. Hi Chris!
      Yes, I am very pleased with the results. No cancer. No polyps or other growths and no scar tissue! Just one more test in two weeks and I will know a tad more…mainly regarding metastisis. I feel so relieved!

      I save zippers, buttons, snaps, etc. as well but like you, only if the garment is not worthy of charity. Not many people think of that or else don’t say it out loud!

      I wish Sarah was closer…we had some panda sweatshirts that were Jasmines…pink no less…from Jazzies Japanese fashion stage, very cute and child like. We could of handed them down to her.

      1. Awe, that was a lovely thought – but alas, yes, the tyranny of distance and the expense of post! I’m sure they found a lovely home in the end though.

        I’m amazed at the news which keeps coming your way, in regards to recovery from cancer. Miracles happen every day! Well done, hugs and congratulations. 🙂

      2. Miracles are always welcome here;) thanks very much Chris….just for being you and being there.

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