Forwards from Cancer

Good test results the other day….no cancer in my colon! I knew this but needed the verification so badly! Infact, I had no idea how low my moods were until after the procedure when my doctor came to tell me that I would not need another colonoscopy for three years. I felt so very very relieved. Lighter. Oddly too, I feel prettier. No idea why…..

My children are obviously relieved too. Jasmine and I communicateAvery well but my son B. is hard to read. He texted a standard, “congratulations. Go celebrate.” then nothing more. For him, this was lot actually. But to my surprise, he posted the news on Facebook. And at last count, he has gotten 150 likes. He talked about loving his mom. I will never wonder at his silences again.

The chapter of my life with cancer is not closed yet. It’s always going to be a part of my life even if only a bad memory….but for today, I can say for a act that I am on op. I have won. And I can move on finally.

2 thoughts on “Forwards from Cancer

  1. A whopping great big HURRAH!!! So very happy for you. Just the news you wanted to hear after going through so much to turn it all around.

    Sons do love their mums but once they reach a certain age, show it in different ways. My younger brother was the same. My mum used to wonder if he didn’t like her any more – I said he was busy sorting out his relationships with other women, lol. It must be hard for dads too when their little girls grow up. I know Dave wants Sarah’s boyfriend (not that she’s old enough for any yet) to regard him, when they’re taking out his daughter.

    It’s funny to think of that when I consider how Dave and I met, lol. He wasn’t exactly considering my father, and neither was I!! So it’s kind of weird isn’t it, how we kind of pull away from our folks in order to move on. Cancer is a different situation, but we all kind of deal in our own way. I knew when our dog moved in with my mum temporarily, but then reached a point I knew she’d never return to us – my reaction was to cut her (our dog) off. When we visited, I would pet her, but there was always this distance in my heart – knowing it would never be the same again.

    I felt so callous, and yet, if I accepted I would never have her home with me again and she wasn’t my dog any more, I would have gotten so depressed. It was how I chose to cope. It’s the quiet, distant ones, who often love the most deeply. Sometimes when they’re afraid of losing something they love, they choose distance instead.

    I’m glad it all turned out well in the end. 🙂

    1. Chris you brought up a great point regarding withdrawal. I do that and because I have not thought of it, it never occured to me that my child would have done it. I certainly can understand better knowing this.
      I’m very happy with my children’s relationship choices and Zgarry is pretty much I suppose. He’s come a long way in the last of months of sobriety….much more lovable towards others…but at first no girl or boy were good enough for his kids. Lol.

      Thanks for the well wishes and all the support you have given me throughout the last year. You are an absolute angel.

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