I met an actual permaculture designer not long go and decided to go ahead and hire her. We are bartering but also paying cash at her suggestion.

Before she came over to evaluate our property, we had to think about what we wanted both from her work and from our land. The bottom line is that it’s become increasingly hard to manage the property with just the two of us. Actually all of this last year and a half, Garry did most of the work himself. For us to stay here we need to stop banging our heads  against the same wall year in and year out.

We needed to also know that our hard work was going to pay off with the grand reward…self sufficiency. By this I mean that what we do now will pay us back later with very little input down the line on our part….I.e. more fruit nut trees, more  perennial food crops, being able to identify wild foods, continue with beekeeping, adding a trout pond if we wanted to go that route, Etc.

Those were our main concerns. In the process we talked about adding an area for privacy, and rest areas with shade. And though we only have three acres, we are considering allowing zone 5’s, not in the outskirts but in key areas that are challenging to maintain  throughout the property. Garry had a hard time with that concept altogether but I  reminded him we  wanted less work, not more.

Much more goes on in this walk through but we are starting with plants rather than the more technical aspects such as slopes and other theories.

Next meeting will be in May and will be videotaped. We will be identifying edible plants.

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  1. This is definitely a step in the right direction. I’ve got some free permaculture design videos, which I have watched and think are very helpful in understanding how to interpret land use.

    You can watch the Youtube promo, but follow the instructions as to how to view the set of permaculture design videos. I really got a lot out of them, even if I cannot apply all the techniques on our property. It helps you to look at “design” in a totally different way though.

    Having a permaculture designer on site though, will also give you a lot of ideas, specific for your location. Dave and I definitely realised that we couldn’t keep working the way we were – since I’ve been pregnant, I haven’t done a lot of yard or chicken work. I’ve had to tell David to take it easy, as he just kept pushing himself to make up for my absence.

    I said, I’d much rather live in a jungle, than have him in hospital. We’ve learned to let some areas go, at least for the moment. With winter just around the corner, the weeds and grass will stop growing, lol. But clever design, is what we’re looking into as well. Why not tap the natural assets of the property, to bring about abundance with minimal maintenance? It’s a work in progress…

    1. Hi Chris!
      thank you for the link! I noticed the budget tally! Our budget is classified as ” desperate”. Lol. What I couldn’t believe is it was only five acres! It seemed like an entire new civilization to me….just beautiful.
      Garry also can’t stop working unless makes me feel guilty. He enjoys it on the one and but it’s killing him on the other. We shall see if easing his burden will work…he’s a workaholic….he’ll resist.

      Ultimately though, why work so hard if we can work less hard but just as effectively? This is especially so with starting an herb business…we can capitalize the profit by less work and growing more volume in ths manner.
      I tried reading about permaculture but its had a way of staying in my head. This will work better to have a customized blueprint.

      1. The budget was way out of our league too, but it could be done in stages I suppose. There were 3 video’s in total (so far) I think a fourth is on its way too. Not sure if you saw them, but if you look just under the top header, there are the names of the 3 videos Geoff’s released so far. I really enjoyed Property Purchase Checklist. It all made a lot of sense.

        While there are many suggestions made on how to set up a property, I suppose the beauty of it is, you only need to implement what you can, or what is relevant. There’s a lot of ideas to contemplate, even if you can’t use them all.

        Glad you liked it – I certainly did! 🙂

      2. Chris, I did see them but didn’t watch them all. I will though. There’s alot out there but I think these are the easiest to understand so far. There’s a man in the U.S. Who does Survival Podcaste….Jack Spirko…he’s doing a series on YouTube. I watched the first three episodes and he clearly understands the topic but unfortunately, he’s overly concerned with the idea that permaculture liberals have politicized it….I can’t watch it without losing patience though usually, he’s a concise teacher…at least in his podcasts. You might have more patience than I.

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