another new blog!

I am embarking on a health journey (a positive one) over here. 

I just went to sleep last night and thought about how awful I look right now. Yes, I can be gentle on myself but I think its time to be honest and get tough. I have alot going on physically right now and I think my health solutions are starting to spiral out of control.

I was just given a prescription for an anti seizure medication to treat my neurological pain. I am afraid to take it because I don’t have seizures. Thats gone too far me thinks. I don’t know….

I just know that I am going to have to take some responsibility for myself. Being overweight can’t be helping.

I will continue to write here periodically but I feel that I need to be held accountable for my health and by declaring my goals publicly I might do better than letting myself go at it alone.

2 thoughts on “another new blog!

  1. Just thought I’d let you know, I tried to visit your new blog, but it asked to sign into a WordPress account first. It may be something in your blog options that needs changing?

    If I can give any advice when embarking on a healthy lifestyle change, it is to love yourself as you are today. That made all the difference to how I approached my new changes. I acknowledged I was a good person, that I was beautiful on the inside and that taking care of myself physically was an extension of that.

    I made the mistake in the past of thinking I would be a better person, if I only got control of my health. Sometimes “control” is easier said than done, so we need to start by accepting our gift of life today, as we are. We ARE beautiful on the inside, and that is why we choose to look after the outside – as best we can.

    Each day is a challenge for me physically, I’m so big now I bump into everything and I’m starting to lose my breath. I know it will change once the baby arrives, but I have to keep remembering the gift of now – even being big and cumbersome as I struggle through the day. It’s so easy to beat yourself up, but those things which cause us to be the size we are, aren’t entirely our fault. Other things get in our way and we need to sort them out.

    So I understand why you’re starting a blog about it. Talking about it, makes it real and gives you focus.

    1. Agh! I always seem to forget to do that! I have done it now. Thanks for watching over me!

      I do love my insides! I just hate that I am falling apart on the outside. Infact, loving yourself is a great bit of advise. I think that people who lose their looks for whatever reason, including being obese forget that we are still the same person. However, I could not make these upcoming changes if I did not love me. I know that I will not be a better person. Getting control of thyroid however has made me a happier person. Not eating sugar because I don’t’ need it to combat fatiguq-it probably has made me more patient and at peace with myself. I too feel cumbersome by the way! But not for good reason like yours!

      I will talk more about these things because they are great points to make.
      I am starting the blog to talk about it but also so that I will hold myself to the goals. I would be really embarrassed to not work out if I told it in public! Lol!

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