Where In the World is Grannies Finjan?

I’ve been completely missing from the blogging world and for that I apologize-not for not writing but for not visiting. There were some pressing matters I had to attend to that seem to have stabilized for now.  

I will be back even if just for short snippets…… 


2 thoughts on “Where In the World is Grannies Finjan?

  1. I hope life starts to cruise for you. Can’t help those moments that get in the way of blogging. You’ve got your priorities right if you put your real life first. Nice to know you’re doing okay though. 🙂

    1. Chris, my apology for not responding sooner. Its the usual forgetfulness, thinking I dreamed that you commented or that I responded! Its true that life is taking the front seat again-but I do miss blogging sometimes if only as a creative outlet. It just doesn’t seem to matter anymore but maybe it should.

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