The Garden Help that wasn’t

We have been looking for somebody to hire to help us with our garden since all the rain has pretty much produced a ton of weeds. I think these weeds are edible-maybe lambs quarter-but I am not sure. There is another weed that I know is edible but I can’t think of its name. Neither look appealing to me. 

At any rate, one man responded to our ad. I told him that Garry would call him back that evening.  It was hopeful. Garry did that.The man did not answer. Garry left a message.The man did not call back. 

We found an ad too. “looking for work”. We called. Left a message. Last week. No response. 

We have had a very hard time finding people to work around here but why respond to an ad and why place one if all you really want to do is sit on your dumb ass doing nothing? I have no respect for this lack of work ethic. 

And so the garden suffers. I will go out today and do some more weeding. some more planting. The next time somebody calls, I might not answer the phone. They can kiss my dirty worm garden butt. 


2 thoughts on “The Garden Help that wasn’t

    1. I wonder why you can’t post. I have looked to see if there is something I can fix but I just can’t see anything out of the ordinary. Do you get a specific message? That might help me figure this out.
      Just after I wrote this post guess what happened? A lady called for the job. Then when I hung up with her, a man called.

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