Okay since this wordpress thing is not helping as far as getting comments to post half the time (and the other half it doesn’t show comment options from what I am understanding) I am going back to blogger. 

I started a new one with a new email address in order to avoid the people I don’t want to deal with. Its titled “The Cosmic Journey of a Llama “

I will continue here for a little bit to finish out conversations and decided what I want to keep if anything. Thanks to my two readers for being so patient with me for moving back and forth. 



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    1. I’m sorry Mary. I don’t know what is going on. I found an email in archives from a friend who is not stateside and probably could care less about American politics and I know she never put these political links into her email to me. They were not there originally and I would of said something if they were in my response. And some of her more recent emails had disappeared entirely. I think the NSA thing has something to do with alot of this stuff to be honest. I know that sounds nuts but why would wordpress go crazy this year in particular. They used to be quite good.

  1. One more reason to leave wordpress. I decided to get the app for my phone. I have an account, but, I do not blog here. Front page on the app offers the options of: Start a new blog, add blog hosted @ wordpress or Add self-hosted blog @ wordpress.
    I’ve tried signing in all three ways and it will not let me access my account, just tells me my user name and email address are already in use. Well, duh! You’d think once you’d typed in that password, it’d say ‘hey, come on in’! WTFudge?

    1. I’ve noticed that on my computer sometimes. Not consistently but it has happened now and then. I have not tried on the ipad but why bother. I think that blogger has less problems overall or rather, a different set of problems but why should I worry about comments if I blog? I mean why blog if my readers can’t comment consistently?

    1. Exactly. BTW, I think you have to send me an invite to your blog again at the new email address which is : hairybeast at techemail.com I think I can still add you on my reading list right?

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