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Sewing Patterns Online

It just takes a printer. Some patterns are even free! There are a few sites that have these in PDF download but I have not tried them out at all myself yet. One that is very intriguing to me is Lakala Sewing Patterns.

They have a wide array of patterns  for purchase patterns (just around 2 dollars each for the ones I have liked so far) and some freebies,  but the best thing about them and why I will be trying them very soon is that they will customize a pattern to your measurements!

Let me repeat-“They will customize a pattern to your measurements!”

I am exploring the site and trying to figure out if I can just take the pattern (or send it via email) to a professional large format printing service but I have not priced said service. It might be worth all that cutting and tapping of paper together!

There are a few more-from what I call “independent” pattern companies and/or individual talent-some free, some for a nominal fee since downloading seems to be the trend. I like it. I just have a quirky printer that works when it wants to. Until I try this out, I am not saying good, bad or ugly. However, I tend to think it must be better than forking over up to 18 dollars for a paper pattern that does not fit anyway.

Let me know if you have tried downloading patterns and  how it went. If you haven’t, would you?