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The Garden Help that wasn’t

We have been looking for somebody to hire to help us with our garden since all the rain has pretty much produced a ton of weeds. I think these weeds are edible-maybe lambs quarter-but I am not sure. There is another weed that I know is edible but I can’t think of its name. Neither look appealing to me. 

At any rate, one man responded to our ad. I told him that Garry would call him back that evening.  It was hopeful. Garry did that.The man did not answer. Garry left a message.The man did not call back. 

We found an ad too. “looking for work”. We called. Left a message. Last week. No response. 

We have had a very hard time finding people to work around here but why respond to an ad and why place one if all you really want to do is sit on your dumb ass doing nothing? I have no respect for this lack of work ethic. 

And so the garden suffers. I will go out today and do some more weeding. some more planting. The next time somebody calls, I might not answer the phone. They can kiss my dirty worm garden butt. 


Crazy Restless

An overstatement. It should be warm and its not. Its should be sunny and its not. After a full week of violent storms, we had two days of sun and then were plummeted once again into rainy weather. 

Not so violent so far but we shall remain stuck under the dark clouds until Sunday. Yesterday we had a freak thunderstorm. Molly (my dog) got very shook up about that (she barely flinched under tornado level winds) and wouldn’t even touch peanut butter treats afterwards. I think she is sick of this too. 

So I sit at home with perhaps one project too many started. A Mexican embroidered top (embroidery on yoke finished), a pair of socks knit on size 1 needles (just turned the heal on sock number one and think I will make a sweater with the yarn instead), and a pair of vintage French knickers (SewVeraVenus pattern drafting tutorial here, scroll down a bit ).  I am working out the muslin for fitting but found a few mistakes (on my part). I hope to make this test pair presentable enough to wear as shorts if and when the sun actually shines and the far Northern Hemisphere warms up. 

Thats too many projects for me. I like to focus more than that. Its the lack of Vitamin D. Makes me crazy restless. 


And you too would be if you started over 50 heirloom tomato plants only to watch them either die for lack of sunshine prior to planting or get washed out because they were planted. Its a lose/lose year in the garden-for tomatos that is. My cold crops are happy as Larry



I met an actual permaculture designer not long go and decided to go ahead and hire her. We are bartering but also paying cash at her suggestion.

Before she came over to evaluate our property, we had to think about what we wanted both from her work and from our land. The bottom line is that it’s become increasingly hard to manage the property with just the two of us. Actually all of this last year and a half, Garry did most of the work himself. For us to stay here we need to stop banging our heads  against the same wall year in and year out.

We needed to also know that our hard work was going to pay off with the grand reward…self sufficiency. By this I mean that what we do now will pay us back later with very little input down the line on our part….I.e. more fruit nut trees, more  perennial food crops, being able to identify wild foods, continue with beekeeping, adding a trout pond if we wanted to go that route, Etc.

Those were our main concerns. In the process we talked about adding an area for privacy, and rest areas with shade. And though we only have three acres, we are considering allowing zone 5’s, not in the outskirts but in key areas that are challenging to maintain  throughout the property. Garry had a hard time with that concept altogether but I  reminded him we  wanted less work, not more.

Much more goes on in this walk through but we are starting with plants rather than the more technical aspects such as slopes and other theories.

Next meeting will be in May and will be videotaped. We will be identifying edible plants.