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Crazy Restless

An overstatement. It should be warm and its not. Its should be sunny and its not. After a full week of violent storms, we had two days of sun and then were plummeted once again into rainy weather. 

Not so violent so far but we shall remain stuck under the dark clouds until Sunday. Yesterday we had a freak thunderstorm. Molly (my dog) got very shook up about that (she barely flinched under tornado level winds) and wouldn’t even touch peanut butter treats afterwards. I think she is sick of this too. 

So I sit at home with perhaps one project too many started. A Mexican embroidered top (embroidery on yoke finished), a pair of socks knit on size 1 needles (just turned the heal on sock number one and think I will make a sweater with the yarn instead), and a pair of vintage French knickers (SewVeraVenus pattern drafting tutorial here, scroll down a bit ).  I am working out the muslin for fitting but found a few mistakes (on my part). I hope to make this test pair presentable enough to wear as shorts if and when the sun actually shines and the far Northern Hemisphere warms up. 

Thats too many projects for me. I like to focus more than that. Its the lack of Vitamin D. Makes me crazy restless. 


And you too would be if you started over 50 heirloom tomato plants only to watch them either die for lack of sunshine prior to planting or get washed out because they were planted. Its a lose/lose year in the garden-for tomatos that is. My cold crops are happy as Larry




The My daughters boyfriend bought me a ball of yarn for Christmas along with a set of buttons and some beading supplies. I thought that was pretty sweet of him.


I decided that the type of yarn he bought would be excellent for cables and found a pattern for mittens ( I will have to try to find out who designed these and give credit. I just have forgotten at the moment). With the leftover yarn, I made another neck warmer (my own concoction) where I was able to use the buttons he gave to me. I liked the whole process and the yard was perfect for the project but I always mess up the “other” hand when knitting gloves or mittens.


It does not matter that I am following direction. Somehow, my mind goes dyslexic when I get to match which of course does not match. Subtle difference this time.

So anyway, I have decided to go ahead and knit some more cables-this time a jacket that I am designing using the Knitting for Anarchists method. Will talk about some other time.

Otherwise, I am happy because it suddenly got warmer outside for the last two days. Infact it was nearly 40 degrees Farenheit! I was outside and did some cleanup on my herb garden-something I was too ill to do back in the fall and still have to pace myself to get done even now.

In the meantime, I am still trying to solve the pain mystery along with revving up for another colonoscopy next Friday which isn’t worrying me so much but is making me a little emotional. That is-I am not worried about being probed under conscious sedation at all, but I am worried regarding what they might find because I still do not feel well…….sigh



Happiness is…..knitting

neck warmer with flower
neck warmer with flower

Its relaxing to work with very nice quality wools or other natural fibers. I spin as some of you know. On a spindle. And I crochet too. But knitting is the one thing that I find I have enough mastery over that I don’t sweat the small or large challenges that might arise.

The above neck warmer was knit with Noro sock yarn (found on clearance at the local yarn shop). The body of the warmer is my own design and the flower comes from a book that I have on knitting and crocheting flowers. I will update with a title upon demand since the book is upstairs and I don’t want to go up stairs right now.

The body of the warmer is knit in a tube on circular needle, size 5 U.S.


caste on an even number of stitches to desired width of neck warmer.

Knit several rows for seam

rows1-5: knit 2 purl 2 across

rows -6-10- purl 2 knit 2 across

10-15 knit 2 purl 2

15-20 knit across.

Repeat until 2/3rds of desired length and then decrease knit 1, knit 2 together across

knit in pattern for another sequence of rows and do another decrease. Knit in pattern to 10 rows before desired length then divide stitches in half as precisely as you can. You need to add a button hole on each side of the neck warmer.  Knit five more rows in pattern. Bind off

turn inside out and sew up the wider seam.

Turn back to right side and sew up button hole.

Okay, thats it. I will answer questions but writing patterns does not make me happy. I design a lot of my own knitting but they tend to be one of a kind because of this lack of interest in pattern writing. Sorry.