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Crazy Restless

An overstatement. It should be warm and its not. Its should be sunny and its not. After a full week of violent storms, we had two days of sun and then were plummeted once again into rainy weather. 

Not so violent so far but we shall remain stuck under the dark clouds until Sunday. Yesterday we had a freak thunderstorm. Molly (my dog) got very shook up about that (she barely flinched under tornado level winds) and wouldn’t even touch peanut butter treats afterwards. I think she is sick of this too. 

So I sit at home with perhaps one project too many started. A Mexican embroidered top (embroidery on yoke finished), a pair of socks knit on size 1 needles (just turned the heal on sock number one and think I will make a sweater with the yarn instead), and a pair of vintage French knickers (SewVeraVenus pattern drafting tutorial here, scroll down a bit ).  I am working out the muslin for fitting but found a few mistakes (on my part). I hope to make this test pair presentable enough to wear as shorts if and when the sun actually shines and the far Northern Hemisphere warms up. 

Thats too many projects for me. I like to focus more than that. Its the lack of Vitamin D. Makes me crazy restless. 


And you too would be if you started over 50 heirloom tomato plants only to watch them either die for lack of sunshine prior to planting or get washed out because they were planted. Its a lose/lose year in the garden-for tomatos that is. My cold crops are happy as Larry



Sewing Patterns Online

It just takes a printer. Some patterns are even free! There are a few sites that have these in PDF download but I have not tried them out at all myself yet. One that is very intriguing to me is Lakala Sewing Patterns.

They have a wide array of patterns  for purchase patterns (just around 2 dollars each for the ones I have liked so far) and some freebies,  but the best thing about them and why I will be trying them very soon is that they will customize a pattern to your measurements!

Let me repeat-“They will customize a pattern to your measurements!”

I am exploring the site and trying to figure out if I can just take the pattern (or send it via email) to a professional large format printing service but I have not priced said service. It might be worth all that cutting and tapping of paper together!

There are a few more-from what I call “independent” pattern companies and/or individual talent-some free, some for a nominal fee since downloading seems to be the trend. I like it. I just have a quirky printer that works when it wants to. Until I try this out, I am not saying good, bad or ugly. However, I tend to think it must be better than forking over up to 18 dollars for a paper pattern that does not fit anyway.

Let me know if you have tried downloading patterns and  how it went. If you haven’t, would you?